Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Everyone be sure to tune into Jeff Sylvia's radio show "Up for Discussion" at 9 pm tonight on ali-fm.com!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last Saturday my group, Queen City Paranormal investigated the Wilton Town Hall Theatre in Wilton, NH. We invited our friends from the Maine Paranormal Society as well, and were very thankful for them making the two hour drive to help us out.

(from bottom left: Holly (MPS), Ashleigh (QCP), Me (QCP), Bill (QCP) Top Left: JJ (MPS), Sophia (MPS), Jim (MPS), Darin (QCP), Chris (QCP).)

Jim's signature bunny ear picturebr>

Dennis, who runs and maintains the theater, gave us a very warm welcome and gave us a rundown on the extensive history of the building. Before being built, a hotel existed on the property, which later burned, killing a young boy named Henry. In 1883, the building as it is today was built, and over the years has been used as a vaudeville playhouse, silent film house, police station, fire station, and is now being used as a movie theater and town hall (downstairs).

We set up two infrared cameras on the balcony of the main theater, overlooking the room. Activity in this room consists of apparitions of a tall, skinny man and short, plump woman, heavy footsteps and whispers. We then set up an IR camera pointing down the stairs, where Henry is said to walk up and down, looking for his parents.

We also set up two motion detectors on the landing of the stairs and some toys for Henry to play with. The last IR camera was set up in the clock tower, in the attic of the building. Teams were then rotated between the clock tower, main theater balcony, main theater, smaller theater, and downstairs (consisting of the old jail cells and town offices).

Activity found:

Before starting the investigation, a member of MPS was using the bathroom and heard a woman's voice whisper close to his ear.

Main theater balcony: I had put a flashlight (the kind with the button on one end) on the railing of the balcony and it suddenly turned on on its own. This actually took us a minute to even realize because Bill was sitting behind me at the time, and I thought he had turned on his flashlight.

Main theater: Ashleigh, Chris, and Darin were investigating in this room and could hear whispers and thought they could make out shadows darting throughout the theater. One passed so close in front of Ashleigh's face that she jumped up and walked to the back of the room. While Jim, JJ, and Sophia were investigating, they noticed that the curtain was swaying. They searched the area for any kind of air vents or open windows, but found no reason for this to happen.

Small theater: While Holly, Bill, and I were investigating in this room, our MEL pulled a nutty on us. For some reason, it was reading the temperature at over 100 degrees F, when it was roughly around 75. At one point, the temperature shot up to 185 degrees. We're not sure if this was a fluke thing and may have been caused by a low battery, but it was very odd. We used a separate thermometer to compare, but it read 75 degrees, so we kind of threw the MEL reading out as anything paranormal.

These pictures aren't very clear, but show the MEL reading the temperature as 116.6 degrees.

We also had a couple of k2 hits, but they didn't seem to follow any pattern or interact with any of our questions or instructions. A loud whisper was also heard by both Holly and I (seated on opposite sides of the theater). While Jim, Sophia, and JJ were investigating, they received about four k2 hits, also not following any clear pattern that they could find. Their K2 was also on a different end of the theater than we had had ours.

I am about halfway done reviewing our audio, but haven't found anything that has really jumped out at me. I marked a couple places where I need to load the audio on the computer and enhance the sound, but I'm leaning toward us not finding any substantial evps for the night. MPS will be reviewing the video soon and I will post any findings that they might have, as well as any evps they might have caught. I'm hoping to at least see the moving curtain on video.

Haunted?: We didn't come to any concrete decisions this time around, but we agree with Dennis that if there is something here, it is definitely residual and definitely harmless. Dennis said that we are welcome back any time and we look forward to spending at least a couple more nights at the theater. All in all, it was a very fun investigation and we enjoyed getting to spend time with MPS again.

And now for some pictures of Ashleigh and I horsing around on the cannons during one of our breaks:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I posted three evps on my group's website. It's not much, but it's a start. Hopefully we'll be adding a bunch more after this weekend.


New Mothman Sightings in Pt. Pleasant, WV!!!

This post was taken from Commonwealth Paranormal's myspace blog. To visit their myspace, go to: www.myspace.com/commonwealthparanormal

"New Mothman Sightings at Pt. Pleasant, WV

There have allegedly been two Mothman sightings in the Pt. Pleasant, WV area since July 9th.

Today, I took my 13 year old brother and 12 year old nephew to Pt. Pleasant so that they could learn more about the Mothman. While there, we stopped in Whites Steakhouse and talked with Carolin White. As some of you may remember, Carolin was on the "Mothman" episode of Paranormal State. Anyway, she told us that there had been two recent sightings of Mothman there in Pt. Pleasant in the Sand Hill and Jim Hill Road areas.

One of the sightings was reported to her by a gentleman from Tennessee who was returning to Pt. Pleasant to visit relatives. According to her, he said the creature almost caused him to run off the road. There was another animal in the road in front of him when "Mothman" swooped down in front of him. Now whether or not it was after the other animal or after his vehicle is unclear.

After leaving the restaurant, I stopped back in at the Mothman Museum and asked Jeremy if he had heard of the recent sightings, and sure enough he had as well.

I was not sure where Jim Hill Road was, but I did know where Sand Hill Road was, so I drove for miles out it but I never saw the first sign of anything.

But this is something to definitely keep an eye on in the near future. Why has it returned after all these years, if it in fact has?"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Everyone's gotta check out "TaraNormal" by artist H.C. Noel!!

Howie Noel is an extremely talented artist, and often makes appearances in the paranormal event circuits. His character "Tara" appears in a weekly web comic as a paranormal investigator. Howie is also well known for his incredible caricatures and his graphic novel "Mr. Scootles".

To learn more about H.C. Noel or to book him for an event, visit his website at: www.hcnoel.com

To see more of TaraNormal, visit: www.taranormal.com

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I don't know what happened, but I've been sucking at posting blogs lately. I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things.

Anyway, Queen City Paranormal will be investigating the Wilton Town Hall Theatre in Wilton NH.

This building was originally the Wilton Town Hall and was built in 1886. The building had a playhouse where vaudeville and traveling shows were peformed until converting to silent films in 1912. Today, the building still hosts movies regularly.

There are two theaters, "The Big House" seats 250 people, while the "Screening Room" seats 63. The Screening room was converted from the changing rooms of the original vaudeville actors.

In doing some research on the place, I did find some interesting history. The information however, is coming from local ghost sites and paranormal groups, so I'm not 100% on the information. According to one site, before the town hall was built, there was a hotel that burnt down in the late 1800's. A small boy, named "Henry", died in the fire and is said to haunt one of the staircases.

On top of that, Wilton NH is known for having a substantial amount of paranormal activity throughout the town. This seems to be in correlation to the high amounts of granite and quartz found here. Another paranormal hot spot, Vale End Cemetery, is also found in Wilton (and is one of the creepiest places I have been to, when the air is just right). Unfortunately, Vale End has grown a little too popular over the past couple years and is now heavily patrolled. The cemetery is posted as "no trespassing after sunset" and the Wilton police take this very seriously. My group has tried bargaining with them to let us do some investigating on a planned night, but to no success.

Known activity for the Wilton Town Hall Theatre includes: the felt presence of a child entity, a woman in the mirror of the women's bathroom, and a skinny male entity walking down the hallways then disappearing.

From what I've heard and seen in pictures, the place seems really big. I'm really excited about doing this place. My only negative thoughts are that I wish we had our IR cameras for this one. If the case is promising, maybe we can schedule a second investigation when our equipment is in.