Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Mothman Sightings in Pt. Pleasant, WV!!!

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"New Mothman Sightings at Pt. Pleasant, WV

There have allegedly been two Mothman sightings in the Pt. Pleasant, WV area since July 9th.

Today, I took my 13 year old brother and 12 year old nephew to Pt. Pleasant so that they could learn more about the Mothman. While there, we stopped in Whites Steakhouse and talked with Carolin White. As some of you may remember, Carolin was on the "Mothman" episode of Paranormal State. Anyway, she told us that there had been two recent sightings of Mothman there in Pt. Pleasant in the Sand Hill and Jim Hill Road areas.

One of the sightings was reported to her by a gentleman from Tennessee who was returning to Pt. Pleasant to visit relatives. According to her, he said the creature almost caused him to run off the road. There was another animal in the road in front of him when "Mothman" swooped down in front of him. Now whether or not it was after the other animal or after his vehicle is unclear.

After leaving the restaurant, I stopped back in at the Mothman Museum and asked Jeremy if he had heard of the recent sightings, and sure enough he had as well.

I was not sure where Jim Hill Road was, but I did know where Sand Hill Road was, so I drove for miles out it but I never saw the first sign of anything.

But this is something to definitely keep an eye on in the near future. Why has it returned after all these years, if it in fact has?"


  1. Interesting. I've always been intrigued by the whole Mothman story. I hope the recent sightings aren't portents of another tragedy.

  2. Interesting thought......I wonder if it has, humm?

  3. I hope they aren't either. Although I'm pretty excited that he is popping back up again, I don't want anything to happen like the last time he was seen.

  4. hm..interesting..well i hope more sightings occur.

  5. Has anyone considered maybe the Mothman sightings have nothing to do with the bridge tragedy? What if there is another explanation for why this creature keeps scaring people? I don't think I've read any stories about the creature physically harming people, but what if it isn't to give any warning? What if it's just a mean son-of-a-bitch?

  6. My name is Beverly and I saw the Mothman myself on fire tower mountian in Ansted WV. It was 1977, 4 other people were witness to the same sighting. Did anyone else out there see the same thing I did? Some of the pics look more like a ribbed winged creature but it looked more like a moth wing and was covered in brown dust and the eyes glowed orange not red.

  7. I just heard of mothman tonight. Wanted to kinda research it cause I heard that a buddy of mine for sure did whitness one. He is never is scared and said he went to130 miles in no time when he saw it jump up. It was late at night. But all I have read on this thing is red eyes wings human like and tall. Get some proof man it would be awesome. I would love to see it. And I'm not doubting anyone that's it's not out there. I've seen other things that ppl dnt believe lol I know how hard it is to convince ppl

  8. The whole mothman thing fascinates me. It's one of those things though that only shows up when it wants to and decades go by without a sighting so it's difficult to research or investigate. Have you seen the movie?