Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beyond Reality Event: Stanley Hotel

In November, Beyond Reality Events traveled to Estes Park, Colorado to the Stanley Hotel (the inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining" and "Pet Cemetery".

Our timing was perfect, arriving shortly after a blizzard and ducking out the day before another one, our stay was surprisingly warm and sunny.

(I just thought it was crazy that the airport was so big you had to take a train to baggage claim)

Which way to the gun show?

The roads that take you up to Estes Park were absolutely terrifying, especially in the snow and in a rental that you're not on the insurance for.

Although the actual movie was filmed somewhere else, the mini series "the Shining" was actually filmed at the hotel.

The infamous hallways. One of the inspirations for the movie was the disorienting hallways. For some reason, the layout of the halls are very easy to get lost in. It took the entire weekend for me to finally remember how to get to my room.

Room 217, made famous by an episode of Ghost Hunters

Room 401, another very active room.

"Stanley Steamer". I was surprised by the connection too. And I thought that was a vacuum cleaner...

Mr. Stanley himself.

Holly, showing off the goods.

Some stuff from the movie in the gift shop.

Beautiful jewelry made by Holly Griffith (Britt Griffith's wife)

Books by Jeff Belanger

Mike Brody's Merch


Gorgeous art by Paulina

Jay and his family had the swine flu, so he was only able to skype in

Contrary to what everyone told me at first, this is not the real Jack. Syd and some friends decided it would be hilarious to make me think it really was and I totally fell for it. You have to admit though, his impression is pretty dead on.

These are two of the pranksters that told me he was real..

Mike Brody and Jeff Belanger doing introductions

They're creepy.

Meet and Greet

Scotty Robertson did a live radio show from inside the hotel with interview from all the cast.

I still haven't figured out why Britt was holding a toy pony throughout it...

Interviewing Adam Blai

Interview with Scotty of the Wolfe Manor and the paranormal comedy show "The Stu". One of the funniest people I've ever met.

You're official Merch girls.

On the second night of our stay, we heard about a karaoke bar down the street. Turned out to be the best idea of the weekend...

Someone tipped off the DJ who we were causing us to receive this lovely dedication of the theme song from "Ghostbusters".

The two girls at the bar will appear later in our night...

Officially the best part of the weekend.

I don't know why the color came out so weird in a lot of these pictures.

Ok, note bar girl #2 approaching the stage...

I believe this is where Brody says (still keeping with the music) that there's a drunk bitch on stage...

Ahh yes, and then she tries to assault him with a chair.

A lovely picture of some winter weight.

This was one of the bartenders at the Stanley. He was one of the people to tell us about Karaoke night and actually gave us all a ride there and back.

Seeing this trio at first made me fear the worst. I was expecting some sort of honkey tonk badonk a donk, but they were actually AMAZING.

So, in Colorado they have elk, similar to our deer except a little bigger...

Oh and way more ballsy when it comes to hanging out in public...

This fucker decided to stroll right out in front of Holly and I while we were in the company rental.

Nice rack.

These pictures were actually taken in Wyoming, which I went nowhere near, but they were taken by a friend of mine.

(he's playing dead).

(my friend Alli took all wildlife pictures. I'm not that talented, and I'm terrified of birds.)

Many guests at the Stanley enjoyed the wonderful experience of altitude sickness. This is one of them.

The view from the hotel (except not pink)

For more pictures from the Stanley event, check out my myspace www.myspace.com/haleyhomewrecker