Monday, December 27, 2010

Inception Indigestion.

So before I dropped off the face of the Earth (in the blogging world anyway), I had read about the movie "Inception" in some sort of nerdzine. For anyone that knows me or follows my facebook or twitter, you may know about my RIDICULOUS dreams. So when I heard about the premise for this movie, I instantly marked it's release on my calendar. And now, five months after it hit theaters, I have finally seen Inception. So here we go...

So to start off, Leonardo... yum. But don't roll your eyes fellas, as the cast was also joined by Marion Cotillard (a popular choice in many horror movies and an absolute babe) and the one and only Juno. The rest of the cast was also highly recognizable, but I don't feel like naming them.

The movie was good.

...Initially, that was going to be my entire review. That it was good.

It's just that it's so damn long. And not only is it long, but there's like 93 different lines and layers of plot going on at the same time, which really gave me the time to have an internal argument of whether I loved or hated the movie. An argument that may remain unresolved. I have decided to agree to disagree with myself.

Due to the complexity of the movie itself, I have decided to express my feelings toward it by comparing it to this diagram of radio waves that I drew. And by "I drew", I mean that I stole from google images:

In looking at this diagram, I feel that the top wave (the black "signal" line) represents my attention span throughout the movie. In the moments when the line is the highest, I was on the edge of my seat and ready to declare this in my top ten. When the line declined, I downloaded three different novels to my nook and purchased a new domain name.

The red line (the "AM" line) represents my ability/inability to understand what the hell was going on. But let's be honest, this line doesn't vary much from my understanding line of "Lady and the Tramp".

And the third line, represents the volume that I had to keep the movie at to understand the dialogue while avoiding blowing my eardrums out.

I was a little disappointed that no images from my own dreams were present, although I can't really say I'm surprised. I don't think zombies that can only be killed by dish detergent is a common theme in the dream world.

I did recognize one theme though, that is probably very popular in the dreams of many of my fellow bloggers. The guys anyway.

Layer three of inception...

looked remarkably similar to a certain video game my boyfriend has become obsessed with as of late.

Just sayin.

I give this movie a three. For the amount of confusing layers, the amount of times I debated the fast forward button, and the amount of times I'll have to see the movie before I understand it.

For anyone that enjoyed this movie or is interested in Dream themed topics, check out the book "Dream Science" by Thomas Palmer. It's one of my favorite books, is hard to find, and will make your brain explode.

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