Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahead Of My Time?

This weekend my parents gutted the attic and in doing that, I was reintroduced to boxes and boxes and boxes of my childhood. The GIANT bin of books didn't surprise me, I've always been a huge nerd. However, I guess I never realized how long I really have been into the paranormal.

I give you... the first paranormal investigation team ever formed by Haley Haunted:

The G.H.G.P., or Ghost Hunters/Ghost Patrol (yes we even had an acronym) was started in 1993 and had seven active members. The picture above is the cover of our logbook which contains member information, logged activity, investigation notes, investigative methodologies (surprisingly scientific), and legitimate research on theorized historical spirits, demonic names and characteristics and our town history of deaths and tragedies. I was incredibly thorough. And I was seven years old.

The majority of the rest of the bin was filled with books about hauntings, UFO's, ESP, myths and legends, and OBE's. All between 1991-1994 (ages six to nine).

First of all... who lets their first grader pick up a book like that, but more importantly what little kid would want to study the possibilities of psychic phenomenon?

I guess I was just born to study the paranormal. No turning back now, I'm screwed.

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