Monday, May 14, 2012

Paranormal Highlights: A Recap

It's been awhile since my last post. In all honesty, my "sabbatical" was on purpose and with good reason. As anyone involved in the field knows, paranormal drama manifests itself more often than any actual entities and I needed a breather. But I've taken my deep breath and am jumping back in cannonball style and hoping to not be eaten by sharks. And while my K2 will continue to stay on the shelf a little longer, I thought I'd bless the world with my poor and pointless ramblings once again. In personal news, since I have left the following changes have been made: my email address is now and my blog subscribers has increased by 1.

However, some things have changed in the internet and paranormal world around me so I did some research on the events since I left...

*Of course the news that has everyone abuzz: Grant Wilson has left Ghost Hunters, a blow to fans everywhere.

Watch his last show this week on SyFy

*Amy Bruni is pregnant. A blow to male ghost hunter fans everywhere.

*Facebook has a new layout and it sucks.

*I'm still getting added to facebook groups I have no interest in despite my many pleas to stop. Seriously, cut the shit.

*"Breading" has become all the internet rage. This of course is when people put their cat's head through a loaf of bread.

*We still haven't found Bigfoot.

*The Booth Brothers are still wearing whacky hats.

*I still don't know how to make pictures smaller

*Still no chupacabra.

*Scott Gruenwald continues to make us laugh with his paranormal parodies.

*And sadly, an investigator in North Carolina was killed while investigating a "ghost train" on the anniversary of a tragic crash. Please exercise safe investigating!

Now that I'm all caught up and back in the loop, stay tuned for more bad reviews and sarcastic sightings!

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