Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last weekend I was invited by the Maine Paranormal Society to help investigate the Poland Spring Resort in Poland Spring Maine. I brought Chris, an investigator from my group Queen City Paranormal, with me. It was about a two hour drive, a little north of Portland. The weather was kind of crappy and the further we drove, the foggier it got. I thought the beverage I chose for the ride up was pretty appropriate...

When we finally got there, we did a walk through of all of the buildings. Two members from NESPIME were also up there to help out. It was awesome to have three teams come together for one investigation. It's something that hasn't happened a lot in the past, but will definitely be happening more in the future. I love meeting new people in general, especially people who have the same interests as I do, and it was neat to be able to compare evidence that our teams had gotten in the past, and experience different techniques in investigating. I think more groups should give working together a try.

One of my favorites of the crew up there was Warren, he was a hoot. We shared the same love for jagermeister (not on the investigation), and having to pick everything up around us.

This picture looks pretty badass until you notice the bunny ears.

Our main meetup spot/base was in the Presidential Inn, which was HUGE

Four floors of winding, neverending halls.

The resort is closed for the winter and was set to open up the following weekend, so no one was staying in any of the buildings, but they had been cleaned and were ready to go. When we got there, we had to play with the breakers to even get electricity in there. The first group to investigate this building went out to their cars for a minute and when they came back, there was a t.v. on in one of the rooms. At first we were thinking that maybe whoever last rented the room left the t.v. on and when they closed for the season, they may have just switched off the breaker. Then when we flipped the breaker on, the t.v. just came on with it. The only thing is, it didn't come on right when we flipped on the breaker. It was about an hour after we had turned the electricity on. Definitely something to think about.

This was the chapel.

There's a lot of orby, dusty, crapola in this picture, but keep in mind- it was raining. It was actually pouring when this picture was taken. I don't really buy into the whole orb thing anyway, and don't really know anything about them, but if you're into it, this may or may not be a good picture? I dunno.

This is most of us. Chris and I are on the right, Mandy and Lou (in red) are from NESPIME and everyone to the left is MPS.

We had access to this building, but didn't even have enough time to go into it.

I think we had all pretty much had it with the group pictures at this point.

This is one of the four cottages that were there, and also where most of the activity ended up happening.

Each cottage was named after a member of the Ricker family (the family that started the resort back in the 1800s). This cottage was named after Hyram (who you will see in a minute). These cottages were also set to open for the season the following weekend, so we were very surprised that when we unlocked it to do the walk through, there were two rolls of toilet paper thrown into the hall on the floor. There were no open windows and nobody should've been in there besides someone working there to get it ready for the season. A lot of activity ended up happening in this cottage. Chris and I had this building first, along with Kelli from MPS and Tom, a keyholder for the resort and friend of the group. When we first got back to the cottage from the initial walk through, we noticed a glass vase type thing sitting in front of the door. This definitely was not there when we there a couple of hours ago and is still a mystery to us. Jim (the MPS founder) wanted the IR cameras set up in this building because it seemed to have the most activity. Footsteps, faces in the window, and even some full body apparitions. I won't go into too much detail on the events because it was more Kelli and Chris's experiences than mine. But there was definitely something happening in there. We sat in the downstairs living room and started an evp session. Right away we could hear shuffling around in other rooms and footsteps upstairs.

We asked for whatever was there to come into the room with us, and I can't even really explain it, but the room got thicker. The engery in there was so bizarre. We experienced the usual cold spots, goosebumps, and some leg tugging, but the feeling of the rooms is what weirded me out the most. It wasn't pitch black in there, but was pretty dark. I would say just enough light to see objects in the room and notice if there were any shadows (which there were plenty of), but at one point, the air became so thick, I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I literally just saw a thick mist right in front of me. Someone in the room was a sensitive and began picking up on some names and images. Later it was confirmed that all of the names they got were names of people buried in the family graveyard also on the resort.

There is a little misty orby something or other in this picture, and a little bit again in the next one. But I'm wondering if it was just caused by the flash of the camera. Because if you look at the second one, it looks like it may just be light reflecting off the base of the lamp onto the wall.

After our session in the cottage, all of us headed up to the Maine Inn to check out the library. Reports of activity there are books moving around, falling off shelves, and a full body apparition of the current owner's deceased husband. By this point, I was still a little numb from the activity in the cottage and needed a little refueling so Chris and I decided to go back to the Presidential building and get some food and explore in there a little.

We did hear a couple loud bangs and some footsteps, but we were pretty sure it was just noises coming from the pipes and heating vents. I'm not sure if anyone ended up having an experience in the library. I'm guessing they didn't because I'm sure we would've heard about it. People slowly trickled back into the Presidential Inn and we were all looking pretty tired. Chris and I decided to pack up and head home. I actually had to work that morning in Manchester.

On the way home, we put on our headphones and listened to the audio from the cabin. We did get a pretty clear evp of what sounds like someone saying "ELLIOT" (maybe the ghost of E.T. was there). I have no idea who Elliot could be, but I don't know what else it could be saying. The recorder I had left upstairs was pretty short, and I didn't get anything, but Chris said he got quite a few that I need to listen to. We're going to try to get them on the computer and I'll try to finagle a way to post them on here.

I'm also still waiting on pictures that MPS took. They took a lot of pictures of us throughout the night and I wanted to post them all at once, but I haven't seen anything up yet.

Ok, so now for the picture of Hyram...

Check out those sideburns...... Ooh baby.


  1. Cool pictures.....I love reading about others investigations. Can't wait to see the other pictures.

  2. Came across this on's too bad you didnt make it into the building across from the chapel. plenty of tlhings going on in there! my mother used to work there as a cleaning women, she cleaned the chapel, the building across from it, the conference center, and the museum..and let me tell you the museum and the building across from the chapel are the places to go!