Monday, May 11, 2009


A comprehensive five hour course on the TAPS methodologies of Paranormal Investigation where they will cover......


1) Video
2) Audio
3) Meters - EMF/KII/Geophone and more


1) The Do's and Dont's of Recording
2) Analyzing the EVP
3) Tips and Tricks
4) Audio Compression
4) Equipment Demonstrations
and more...

DVR's and Handheld Cameras

1) IR light, what it is and how to use it
2) Video Noise vs. Mists
3) Compression is your enemy
4) Nightshot/Nightvision
5) Equipment Demonstrations
and more...


1) See the face in the picture?
2) Did you hear that?
and more...

The Investigation and Your client:

1) The do's and dont's during an investigation
2) The interview process
3) Qualifying the client and premises
4) Finding clients and properties worth investigating
and more...
5) Investigation Etiquette
6) A proper reveal

Analyzing the Evidence

1) Software and Hardware Tools
2) Proper analyzation techniques
3) Tips and Tricks
4) Things to look out for

The business of the paranormal:

1) Insurance
2) Non Disclosure Agreements
3) Rights to Evidence obtained
4) Indemnity Agreements
and more...

All this and so much more hurry and sign up now!

To sign up or see more information, visit the TAPS website at:

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