Thursday, May 6, 2010

PART I- Beyond Reality Events: Mt. Washington Hotel 2010

On April 23rd, it was officially time for my favorite event of the year...

This was the first event I ever did for Beyond Reality Events and has remained my favorite. It doesn't hurt that it takes place in my home state and in one of the most beautiful areas in the country (ok, so maybe I'm a little biased).

Ashleigh and I loaded up my new ride (complete with working speakers and CD player) and headed up the gorgeous mountain roads to the hotel.

No matter how many times I visit this hotel, or what state of mind I'm in when I arrive, this sight always takes my breath away.

Yes, we had finally arrived.

Unfortunately for us, the housekeeper assigned to our room apparently had not. And so we waited. And waited. And waited... and waited.

Although the setting wasn't terrible...

After three hours of waiting and consistant pestering of the front desk staff, the receptionist let us know that the housekeeper was just finishing up vacuuming.

"With what a dust pan?!?"

One hour later, our room was finally ready and we could not wait to get into our suite, get ready quickly, and pour ourselves a cold drink. We called for the bellman to bring our stuff from the closet, from which he emerged holding the broken top half of the bottle of three olives pomegranete vodka I had gotten on our way up. Their way of frowning upon outside drinks? The kid felt terrible and apologized repeatedly and even worked out a way to repay us for the broken bottle. Wink wink, nudge nudge ;) And by that I mean, he reserved a round of drinks at the bar for everyone in our room.

But who needs the bar when you have Jager...

Ok, so I know this picture is sideways but I am entirely too lazy to go through the process of flipping it around and I've also decided that pictures involving Jager are probably better viewed from the side anyway...

Bottoms up!

And so I entered the meet and greet with a pretty good buzz...

I was also lucky enough to snap this picture as Chip and Amy were making the exact same creepy face.

Then it was time for Mike Brody's comedy show.

At this point the drinks really started to kick in and I am told that I raised my hand when Brody asked if there was a Dr. in the house. Dr....McGillacuddy?

Alright, so probably only funny to me...

After Brody's set, we hung out a little before heading down to the cave for some drinks.

Atta boy Jeff!

Kate really likes having her picture taken.

Now is probably a good time to point out a discovery I made. When I'm drunk, I LOVE to make duck faces...

No joke. Alright, so on to the cave...

And that concludes PART I of my Mt. Washington experience...


  1. Everyone is hotter in person than on TV. Thats like he opposite of everything I understand to be true. Ghostys must be good for the skin.

  2. hahaha why, who do you think looked better in person than tv?

  3. I would probably say CHIP. However have met him on two other occasions. He is the sweetest peach ever!!

  4. Haha! on April 20th (my birthday 4/20 buhahhaha) I was partying at the haunted Magic Castle here in L.A.! Must be something in that rarifide air. :) No snaps taken - none allowed.