Thursday, May 13, 2010

PART II- Beyond Reality Events: Mt. Washington Hotel 2010

After a pretty late night of partying, we came back and actually switched rooms from the tower we were in into the tower on the other side of the hotel. Our second suite was much more spacious (which is good because we were cramming three of us into it).

This was our living room, which may look familiar if you checked out my post of last year's event:

During one of the investigation nights, Amanda and I were putting in a movie when the door to the t.v. on the left hand side decided to swing itself open and then continue to knock a few times before finally stopping. We both just stopped talking, looked at eachother and then continued with our conversation. It's very easy to forget when you're working at events that the place you're staying in is haunted. This proved to be especially annoying later on that night.

Ashleigh and I shared this monstrosity of a bed and around three in the morning, the entire bed started shaking (keep reading sickos...). I asked her if she was shaking her foot, which she answered no to and I could see from looking over at her. A few minutes later, the shaking got much worse and it sounded and felt like someone was standing at her feet jumping up and down. I also kept hearing tapping noises against the t.v. and her bedside table, but couldn't see anything really happening. Ashleigh of course, slept through the whole thing. When she got up in the morning, her water bottle (which had been on the table next to her) was oddly on the floor and when I told Amanda about it later that day, she said that she had heard all of it and thought that Ashleigh and I were having some sort of dance party. Someone was, but it wasn't us.

This picture has no paranormal story in it, but is just a sweet jacuzzi tub. We planned to have a jacuzzi party in our bathing suits with rubber duckies and snorkels but it never worked out. Next time.

Our private balcony overlooking awesomeness.

The days were filled with the normal hustle and bustle of lectures, booths, and t-shirt selling.

Britt's REALLY tall in person.

The gorgeous and extremely talented Raven Quinn.

Books by Jeff Belanger.

Mike Brody's merch.

Tara Normal!

Shelly's photography.

Every year I plan to get a caricature done by Howie, so this year I finally sucked it up and did it.

However, I decided that while Howie was drawing me, I would draw him...

I think I was fairly accurate.

Let's be honest, he has some pretty stiff competition...

But in all seriousness... how amazing is Howie?

Here's the one he did for Ash...

Gotta love the fingerless gloves.

These are some tarot cards that Scotty was selling.

I decided with that many tarot cards just hanging around, I might as well do some free readings...

"This is you jerking off 'the man'. Not a man, but 'THE man'. I also see you buying Haley a lot of drinks in the future."

"Oh, that means something about balance in your life!" -Kate
"Ummm... excuse me. I am the tarot master here. John, this means in five years you will have your balls cut off with a sword."

At first, I was very turned off by this booth, but after talking to one of the hypnotists I was hooked. I will definitely be paying a visit to their shop in Madison.

Bob Murch's Ouija collection.

I JUST realized her sign says "extra-large medium". At the end of John's reading she handed him something and said it was in case he wanted a second opinion. It was a fortune cookie.

Zombie repellant.

I think my bottle was broken...

These are the bags we packed as gifts for some of the attendees. The entire room was a sea of bags.

Not too sure what's going on here...

...but I like it.

More tarot readings.


Nope. Water. Gotta respect the presentation though.

And then the unexpected happened...

This is pretty compelling evidence people... Check out the K2 meter!!

Ashleigh and Howie fighting over who likes me more (so embarassing...).

I made Amy PRETTY!!

Another delivery by Amanda...

I'm pretty jealous of this, I'm not going to lie.

Then it was time for the auction/fundraiser dinner.

Even I made a donation...

After the dinner, it was time for investigations of the hotel. Amanda and I had the night off so we stayed in and had a bathrobe/lady gaga sunglass party.

Yeah, again with the duckface...

The next day Ashleigh and Amanda went for a walk behind the property and got some awesome shots.



  1. You know I totally love you more than Ashleigh! :) And it was my pleasure to draw you! I love my drawing and the robot birthday party you put me in. Total awesome.

  2. Love it! And you!

  3. I enjoyed your "presentation" of what looks like a really enjoyable gathering!! Your commentary is very natural and cute too. Happy Haunting!!

  4. Awwww thank you everyone!!

    And especially to Howie for linking me on your site, and for giving me an enormous rack.