Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Northern Lights

According to my local news, tonight was one of those rare nights when the "Northern Lights" would be visible from my backyard.

Northern Lights (or auroras) are natural light displays in the sky which can be seen (in different shades, degrees, and intensities) all over the world and even on other planets.

For fellow nerds out there, click here to read more about the causes and different effects of Northern Lights.

This is a time lapse video of Northern Lights in Canada in 2006.

Unfortunately for me, it was very cloudy in NH tonight, so this is what I saw:

And so I have given up and am now watching "Contact" and preparing for nightmares. Of Jodi Foster's career. I mean. Of aliens.


  1. Yeah, the lights are amazing. Somehow every time they're around here I miss them. My Dad has seen them a couple times as bright as in the video.