Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's The End of the World As We Know It.....

What better time to watch the movie 2012 than during a tornado warning in New England? I know, 2012 came out a year ago now. I'm a little behind on the times. On the upside, that means that I'm probably not spoiling it for anyone.

I think the first few minutes of a movie tell a lot about what's to come, so I made a few observations about my initial impressions. Here are my notes from the scenes previous to the title page:

1. Time moves REALLY fast in this movie. It's only been ten minutes, and I've already aged three years.

2. With the amount of insane special effects and CGI I know will be in the movie, I would've thought they'd do better with the font of the subtitles. I know I'm no spring chicken, but the movie's barely started and I already have a migraine from squinting so hard.

3. According to Dr. So and so and Dr. So and so, something very sciencey is going down and it's kind of a big deal. It's also very hot. Something about the center of the Earth turning into a giant easy bake oven. Wait. Maybe it was a microwave. [After watching the movie, I would like to confirm that it was in fact a microwave because it ended up turning the Earth into a giant hot pocket - bursting into flames in some places, still frozen in others].

4. Kindle's come in WAY bigger sizes than I ever imagined. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any video clip or screen shot of what I'm talkinga about so I guess you'll have to watch the movie again.

5. I think my next post should be on research on the paranormal phenomena that is John Cusack. It has come to my attention that he doesn't age.

(Twenty years. TWENTY YEARS!)

Even though I am probably the last person to have seen this movie, I still refuse to give away any portions of the plot just in case anyone is even further behind in the times than I am.

What I will point out is that there were a lot of product endorsements. Every scene seemed to be a commercial for something, at times it was beyond ridiculous.

Case in point, the last line of the entire movie.... "No more pull-ups."


The only product endorsement I was excited to see was the adult beverage chosen by Charlie, the crazy conspiracy theorist living in a van in yellowstone park. I didn't put together this montage so it has some extra stuff in it, but does show Charlie in all his whacky, science fiction loving, good beer drinking glory.

There were many parts of this movie that made me laugh. I think most were put there intentionally but I'm not sure that they all were. One part in particular happens at the very peak of all anxiety. I was at the edge of my seat, the fate of the world was within seconds of being destroyed... and then the reaction of one man sent me from anxiey to hysterics. All I will say is, when you start getting to that point, keep your eyes on the guy with the glasses, squishing his head.

I liked the nods to certain Biblical stories. The first scene that hints at that made me smile. It reminded me of a certain song by the Staggers. Unicorn. Download it.

Overall, I loved this movie. I wasn't fully prepared for the amount of times I had to reach for a tissue, but in hindsight, I should've seen it coming with most of the world dying. I really wish that I could've seen it in theaters, especially in 3D if that was an option. I normally hate CGI and tend to scrutinize the hell out of it, ruining the movie for myself and everyone around me. But that wasn't the case with 2012. I actually didn't even notice the parts that were done with special effects (which was most of the movie), and didn't find myself questioning it once.

So if you haven't seen 2012, do it up. It's free on On Demand right now anyway, so the only thing you have to lose is the time. All in all, I give this movie two PBR salutes and a two tissue rating.


  1. We just watched this last night! Creeeeeeepy...

  2. I enjoyed the movie for the most part, but then I always lower my expectations going into these types of movies for some reason.

    Charlie was the high point for me.

    I may have to watch it again though. :-D