Sunday, April 5, 2009

Book of the Damned

I'm reading "The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort right now. It was written in 1919 about weird things that have happened (black rains, red snows, ufos, etc) and how they relate to science and scientific theory and all that good stuff. But so far, all I can really say is that Mr. Fort was a very smart man, but I'm pretty sure was also a big fan of the marahwana... and that the book would make a whole lot more sense if I too was stoned.


  1. LoL. I haven't read the book, though it does sound interesting - stoned or not. :)

  2. 1919? That's amazing! I'm going to have to check that out--sounds like he was rather progressive for his time.

  3. Yeah, he was. A lot of people sort of freaked out when it came out (positively and negatively). Especially because he pretty much puts down scientists and scientific theories throughout the whole thing.

    The book is super wordy, but I kind of expected that considering how old it is. It takes a bit of patience to get through. A lot of the points he brings up are pretty thought provoking though.

    According to the little bio on him, he was the first to coin the word "teleportation" and among the first to study UFO's.

    It's kind of neat to read because it is so old. He talks about nobody actually knowing for sure that the earth is round (because back then there was no such thing as sattelite pictures, etc) and he questions the possibility of objects staying in orbit.