Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mount Washington TAPS/Beyond Reality Radio Event

Last weekend I was up at the Mt. Washington Hotel for the TAPS Beyond Reality Radio Event. I had an absolute blast and met a lot of amazing people. I haven't had time to put any pictures up, but I probably will after next weekend.

In the meantime, everyone has to check out Mike Brody's blog about the events. He did some hilarious profiles of a few of the characters up there last weekend (my favorite is of Herbierto the elevator attendant), as well as a summary of the weekend.

Here are links to a few of his blogs:

Profile: Herbierto

Profile: "Britt Griffith"???

Profile: cryptozoologist Loren Coleman

You can see more of Mike Brody's shenanigans at his comedy page on myspace at:



  1. Those were so funny. Thanks for pointing us to his blog.

  2. hahaha no problem. He's hilarious. He just posted another one on bigfoot.