Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures from Beyond Reality Mt Washington Hotel Event

The drive up with no radio or cd player

The back deck

Jeff Belanger

Our view from the merch room


the lobby

moose in the lobby

my room for the first weekend

The view from my room

The living room in my suite for the second weekend

The balcony of my room

View from the balcony

This is what happens when you pass your camera off to Jimmy

and this...

Hangin in the lobby

Holly checking people in

Holly and I working the registration table

the line for registration

The line snaked out the door and stayed like that for over two hours

putting passes together

Holly and I at the meet and greet table

Everyone left us...

Awesome skull necklaces made by Holly's friend

the merch table from the back porch

Mike Brody and Jeff Belanger opening up for the meet and greet

The crowd

Meet and greet table

Amy and Britt

Steve, Tango and Kristyn

J and G

Ashleigh's magic trick

Getting the hot sauce ready for Brody and Britt

Awww shit...

Bathrobe party


The absolutely amazing Adam Blai

Brody testing out my jacuzzi tub

Trashy ladies!

I think Brody was looking for UFO's



Loren chattin it up with G

Brody trying to steal bigfoot from Loren

Holly and Britt

Piggy back rides 50 cents

digging for gold

bear hugs

Holly and Loren

Ashleigh and Loren

Robin, Holly and Ali


Jeff rockin my sunglasses

I don't know what happened here

smoking section

liquor was consumed


up close and personal

door to the cave

The cave

sweet shoes


Howie and Holly

favorite ladies of weekend two

Ouija collection

The Butcha's Ouija tattoo

radio show from the lobby

The Spalding


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. It looks like you had such a fun time. I saw Brody's pictures on his blog and facebook. Mike and I are going to have to make a point to go to one of these events. We are missing out on a good time. BTW, the scenery is beautiful and breathtaking.

  2. Looks like awesome times were had.

    Where can I find some of those trashy ladies?

    We have plenty of Hierbertos down here!