Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Due to my recent unemployment and chronic insomnia, I've been getting sucked into hours and hours of internet and youtube loops of research. I'm sure everyone's been there. You start off with a random curiosity on a subject, you do some reading, you find a video, that video brings up a link to an equally intriguing subject, and then next thing you know the sun is on its way back up. And here I am. Tonight started with watching a few old Paranormal STU clips, then split into researching Andy Coppock and the Wolfe Manor at the same time, which led to full spectrum cameras, then back to the Wolfe Manor, then Waverly Hills, The Trans-Alleghany (however the hell you spell it) and ended with documentaries on asylums.

I never get tired of old footage and stories about old state hospitals. It's not even so much the paranormal side of it, I just find it unbelievable that people were really forced to live in places like that and endure some of the treatments that existed. I'm a psychology major and entering the field of helping adults with developmental disorders so a lot of this really hits close to home. Anyway, I know it's a pretty common interest among all us ghosties, so I thought I'd share a good documentary I found while in my black hole. It's nothing breathtaking, and there's not a whole lot of connections to the paranormal (besides a few tidbits from a researcher in the area), but it is very interesting, shows a lot of old pictures and facts, and is very well put together. It's in 3 parts, but they're not overwhelmingly long.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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